Since its foundation in 2002, Oquendo Corporate has advised on transactions with a total cumulated value of more than €5,000 million

The Oquendo Corporate team has deep experience in advising in acquisitions processes from both the sell-side and the buy-side

Traditionally, Oquendo Corporate has advised non-financial industrial groups. However, Private Equity funds or some sort of institutional financial investor have been involved in one third of the closed operations in which Oquendo has acted as advisor

Oquendo´s position as adviser
(% of cumulated value of transactions advised by Oquendo Corporate)

Oquendo´s position as adviser

Oquendo Corporate provides its advisory services primarily on domestic transactions, but it has an extensive experience in cross-border transactions that accounted for a 27% of the total transactions advised

Deal scope
(% of transactions advised by Oquendo Corporate) Deal scope

Oquendo Corporate has provided and continues to provide advisory services in a variety of sectors, about which Oquendo has gained a deep knowledge that provides an important experience for future transactions.

In most cases, clients have mandated us as advisers in a repeat transaction, having led us also to other clients within the same industry

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